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What can an expert for laser safety do for you?

As a publicly certified expert with his own business and more than 20 years of experience in the field of laser safety, Erwin Heberer consults you if you

  • already use lasers industrially and have questions concerning their safety
  • intend to use lasers

In accordance to the machine guidelines 2006/42 EG 1.5.12, lasers can only be operated, if they have the necessary safety equipment, which needs to be in accordance with the requirements of DIN/EN 60825-1 and DIN 60825-4.

Laser plants need to be registered with specification of their laser class. Their classification has to be documented. The producer of the plant is to supply a comprehensive evaluation and Risk Analysis already in its planning phase.

Owners of laser plants are responsible for inappropriate safety equipment and lack of security.

DThis is why well-known manufacturers and owners of laser plants trust in the expertise of Erwin Heberer already in its planning phase.