Blue Flower


After considering the group "Process", one can get information, if reflections caused by devices, material or the process can occur, e.g. because of concave shapes of geometrical items or process-determined when soldering by reflections which arise in the melt. Furthermore a protection time is calculated, in which laser protection features must grant security. This is the basis for finding the right location for an emergency switch after taking into account response time and response distance. How the plant is being loaded and operated (manual or automatic) is important for the examination if doors offer sufficient protection.


The analysis inside the plant leads to a determination of the max irradiation (Wm-2), which walls must withstand in case of an error. The data which is collected about the plant helps finding the right design of the protection plant.


The max irradiation determined in the group "Plant" enables the analyst to test walls and material used inside the plant upon how long they can withstand the irradiation.




Dangers, which result from reflections from devices, material and clamping fixtures of the manufacturing, is regarded at this group of the analysis.


Surrounding Area

The analysis of the surrounding area seizes, whether, especially with topless plants, there is a possibility to look directly into the laser beam. That can happen, if lamps or lighting attached at a crane reflect the laser beam. Safety concerns could as well result from the possibility that crane drivers, drivers of fork-lift trucks or maintenance personnel are able to look into the laser plant from an elevated position.