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The term "expert" is not protected by law in Germany. As a result anyone can call himself an expert and operate on the market under this heading, even if he is not sufficiently qualified. The German legislator provides for public certification as a way of distinguishing between the real experts and the rest.

In Germany there are tens of thousands who call themselves "experts", but only about 8400 publicly certified and sworn experts, who are attested to be exceptionally qualified in a particular field.

Publicly certified experts are also sworn to act independently and impartially. This means that their expert opinions can be relied on.

The rules of procedure require German courts to call publicly certified and sworn experts to the witness box when they are in need of an expert opinion.

Experts are always personally responsible for the work they do as experts.

Based on: Leaflet "Öffentliche Bestellung und Vereidigung" of Institut für Sachverständigenwesen e.V.